A kinky girls problembs…..

Dating Rant
You ignore me and lie to me, then you wonder why I am not happy? Change? Have you? I am not sure, and that is a huge huge issue! I say I am done, and you ignore that too, so you leave me no choice but to ignore you. I can not take anymore. I am sorry.

So, as I try to rebound in some sort of weird and kinky way I am brought back to the time before Him, and I am already frustrated with the options and candidates.

I am not a Dom, but I could play one long enough to get laid types. Men, please, stop saying you are a dom if you are not! It is annoying to say the least. The next one of you weirdos that tries this shit will get to meet my 10” strap-on. No lube!

Married men
Yes, I know, we all have needs. Currently my needs do not include you. Been there, several times, and never going back. You are not capable of giving me what I need, and I am not willing to settle.

I am not a porno or a cam girl. Email me 10million times, but can never quite find the time to meet. Either paypal me money or go email some other weird fuck in nanny’s basement with a box of donuts and a bottle of cheap lube.

To those of you that badger women that clearly state no couples - Get a blow up doll or learn to share equally. Break out that old CC, join APG, and play with other couples. I am not here to satisfy something you should have had the balls to try in college! You are adults, act like it.

Weirdo closeted men
Yes, I am kinky, no I do not want to see you sit on a butt plug bigger than my cat. It is not sexy in any way what so ever. In fact it is (vomits in mouth a bit) a sad way to spend your free time. And, please, I beg of you, stop asking sub women to tell you what to do. I don’t give a shit what you do, so long as it does not involve you spamming me.

Dickless Doms
Better be packing the heat if you aspire to greatness in this lifestyle. Less than 6 and you might want to rethink the whole alpha male thing. Limp lifeless member hiding in your pants? Your body is telling you to give up, listen to it or go get some damn blue pills.

Children with too much testosterone
Wow! You are all of 22, your balls have barely dropped, and you have never paid rent, but yet you want me to trust you to take control of my entire body. No fucking way! You want to try new things? Find another curious 22 year old and try them, grow up some, then email real women. Be careful, canes can break skin and choking can be very dangerous.

So………………. That brings me to my last rant and my request of other freaks out there…
How the hell do kinky people find other kinky people in this area? I have tried cl in the past, and found nothing but weirdos and trolls or my favorite… Fakes that will say anything to find a warm dark place to stick their problems, but fall apart when it comes time to do as they have said. Swinger/hook up sites are even worse when you are into BDSM, so I am not big on the idea of trying that whole thing again either. Collarme is gone, fetlife is stupid and has never produced anything. Bars? HA, sure! Hi my name is _____, and I like to be tied up. The only place that is going to get me is an early grave. So how the hell does a sub find a dom in this modern day society? Suggestions? Please!